About Us

Founder’s Vision

I’m Jill, founder of Not Your Basic ASIC.

Now I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. With a background in e-commerce, my work in marketing first brought Mining to my attention. Soon enough, I became a miner and the financial freedom I gained changed my life. I know Proof-of-Work mining can bring that revolutionary feeling to everyone—and it all starts with your first ASIC miner.

I’ve been exactly where you’re at right now, trying to find a trustworthy partner as you buy your first rig or expand your ongoing operation. With my own experience in the field, I know first-hand that there are companies out there that prey on miners.

It’s time to fulfill Mining’s potential and make such trickery history.

As a female founder, I bring my unique perspective to every transaction. My customers are my community, and I want to nurture relationships of trust and support. I’m not just trying to close the sale—I want you to see Not Your Basic ASIC as your partner in growth.

Our Mission

We truly believe when it comes to Mining—we’re all in this together. 

To inject trust and transparency back into the industry, our customer approach comes first. We want to work with miners of all sizes because, especially in a bear market, even just one rig can help someone mine their way to freedom. 

As far as we’re concerned, your long-term success is our long-term success. By offering specialized client calls and bringing together a supportive Telegram community, our marketplace scales with each individual victory.

Let’s just call it our Proof-of-Trust business model.


Interested in Selling Your Mining Rigs?

With our robust network of buyers, we’re always looking to meet new sellers and diversify our offerings. From used to new gear, let us link you with our expansive customer base.


Our partners are the best mining brands and distributors in the world.